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PODCAST - 003 Minimal Hour Work Week

Barely work for profits!


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I love itching. My beard. Itch, itch, itchy. Welcome to wealth commander.


my name is not important. The minimal hour work week. I want you to gain the freedoms and the life that you think you deserve with look for little to no work. We all got dreams about getting out of the 40 hour work week, someone to work towards a better career, but we can all agree that whatever we want, we want to make sure we do less of the work to get it. I too have come up with a simple way to remember the steps to success to create the minimal hour work week. Now just remember the simple acronym of H E L P M E. now H is for hone in your mindset. E is for exterminate,L is for labor automaton. P is for Pre-retirement, M is for the materials. I will give you and templates so you won't have to do any work. And E for extended reading.

Watch for this book released soon. I don't want to keep you waiting. Let's give you the goods. Huh? H hone in your mindset.

What is it that you really want? Why is a gold watch and shooting for retirement? Our goal of life, we want to be on the beaches or sending our kids to school ourselves. Whatever you think brings you joy. That might be I'm folding paper airplanes. I don't know. We need to separate the idea that working 40 hours a week of some of something we don't love is worth doing. It's 40 hours a week. The magic number. Let's figure out how many hours do you need to do in order to live the life that you want, not just putting in arbitrary time. So first we need to define your dream. Fixate on this new goal like it's a new year's resolution to go to the gym every day. Now I want you to go to the drug store and buy all the necessary items to create a dream quest or vision board that actually works.

To start off, get a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw a line down the middle, one side, dream quest on the other side. Nightmare vision. Make your dream quest as detailed as possible. How long could it take? What small steps do you need to achieve in order to reach your goal? What are the talking points that you will need to drop along and conversations to show that you're an entrepreneur? Now, equally, write up your nightmare vision, what you don't want to happen or what could really wrong compared to your dream quest. It is important to go back and look at your dream quest often and evaluate what are your wants versus needs. Further honing in your vision will make it clear and direct as possible and to achieving your goals. E and E is for exterminate. This may be one of the most beneficial, but also the most difficult thing to do.

Exterminate your enemies of distraction and boredom. Let me give you a couple examples. Think over first, start out making a list of what needs to get done. It probably is a big list now. Exterminate a least half of those items. Choosing only the most vital items that need to get done. Now, if I complete only one thing today, what would that be? Now, circle that sucker and go for it. Now, you did not forget about the others. You just prioritize what is to be done first. Once that is done, continue on to the next critical item on your list. Start concentrating on one thing. Stop multitasking and choose one thing to work on. Turn off TVs, messenger lines, and don't check email. Well, unless that's the one thing you're focusing on. Well that wouldn't make any sense that yet anyway. If you're focusing on emails, you would just focus on that and don't do anything else.

In the example I just gave about making a list. Work on one item alone. Do this without distraction of YouTube or porn. This might mean closing your browser for heaven sakes, so exterminate distraction. Make a clear end to your day as well, or compartmentalize tasks in your day like you do with your anxiety or depression. Using this skill that you've already honed in to act normal in everyday society now can be used to make you more organized. King Solomon said better as a handful of quietness. Then both the hands full of labor and striving after the wind. I don't know what this means. Make time for yourself to call it a day or to stop one task and then work on another task completely. Whether that might be the mastery of connect four or spending time with your children, or maybe just good old fashioned exercise.

Exterminate endless days is disconnect. Let people know that you're taking a break and you'll be back soon. You might not have this luxury if you work for someone, you still may need to answer emails and take calls and what have you. So let's talk about the simple ones to exterminate TV, news, social media, and staring at your precious, precious, precious phone. That cool blue light hugging you as you lie in bed, net flicking and swiping left and right and up and down. It's so comforting knowing that. Also judging you, hello, start small. You don't have to go for a week. Go for three days. Heck, maybe start for one day. No checking your social media or watching copious amounts of TV. Give your brain a chance to come up and breathe as if it really had lungs.

The brain says this is more of a fasting method. Now after you've kind of mastered this, you can start setting up only certain times or days that you engage in a particular distraction. You are in control of your time, not them. Now, I don't want a TV, not like I, I don't, I'm not one of these people go, Oh, we don't own a TV. And you go, uh, we're, I'm really on Facebook. No, that's not to mean that I don't love a good sit down with Netflix. Sometimes like once a stranger things come down or record Morty, the new season, I'm just going to ignore my kids completely until I finish it for Facebook. I also check a thread or two on Facebook every other month or something. I don't know. Moderation folks, you ever heard of it? Well, now you have finally exterminate other people. Block off time.

Hell even make a do not disturb sign if necessary. If you find yourself constantly being disturbed by other people, block off time and make it clear that this is your time. Now maybe it's just one hour, but that would be your hour. There are some other ways around this as well. Maybe you don't have the luxury of him getting an hour just all by yourself. I find putting in earplugs or headphones at a cafe works for me too, but don't go to a place that people know you. I have workplaces where I don't run into people. I know I, it doesn't bother me that I have to look at other people and I don't mind ambient background noise from the chatter or coffee machines and what have you bopping along. I know I have a coffee. I can only sit there for a certain amount of time.

This also drives me to concentrate by not having my kids or my wife or my employees, especially my fans or animals coming up and asking me what I'm doing. Exterminate distractions. L is our next step. Labor automaton. This is where all the promises are made. Just automate and let the cash roll in. Get a virtual assistant from the Philippines or also known as a VA in the business or subscribe to some slick app that helps do this for that. Automatically just get a labor automaton and all your work is over and then money in lifestyle. Berber here is the feel good and anyone can be an entrepreneur. Rags to riches if you just put your mind to which spiel? All right, ready? Here we go. You need a passive income business. Be able to travel anywhere you want at any time you're working for yourself, man.

You're the Boss and stuff. To create a successful passive income business, you have the joy of taking on all the aspects of research, of a product or service, verifying if people want the service or if there's too many people offering this service and can actually make money. Once you've figured this out, which I know you will, onto actually creating it however long that takes, you will now have to test it and make sure it gives you the results that you're looking to achieve, right? Let's talk about marketing and salesmanship. All super easy. Where are you going to sell? How will you sell and how will people know about it? There are tons of avenues or dark valleys to figure this out. Drop ship, Amazon, E boy sell directly on a website? Did you create a website yet? Do you know how to do that? Oh, you could pay someone, don't worry.

You will know how to do that. Eventually. Moving on, somewhere in here, you need some startup cash or sell your blood. If you have zero cash for some reason, some of this stuff costs money. Now remember this section is called labor automaton. I just kind of mentioned all the things that you needed to do right? Once you find a market to enter, get the products made a place to sell them. A way for people to know about them via marketing. Are you calling up people or Fonzie book Facebook as a, it's known in English. You can get the Filipino dream employee to do all of the work for you. Labor automaton. Now, congratulations. You got damn business mogul. You have a passive income stream machine now. Well, it's probably more towards the net, but how can I labor with you with the details next, moving on to P.

I just got in a groove? P is for retirement because P is close to are now. After putting all those practices together, you're ready to think about retirement or pretirement. You have completed some type of cork board mess with your dream quest and you've become an excellent exterminator. You've created a labor automaton for your business. Now it's time to think about working remotely and working on stuff that you really want to work on life through the efficiencies you have created. You should have more free time being able to work on your own terms whenever and wherever is a great skill. This could lead you to quit your job if you're still working, uh, because you know you're using your free time to build something new now. Now for those that already worked for themselves, this free time is about doing the things that you really want to do. Start living your personal life and dreams and not the work life and dream. Well, you'd be rich.

Maybe our goal here is to have more time for, we can never earn that back. We want to make enough money that we are comfortable with and escape the nine to five , M for materials and E for extended reading will be presented in the podcast notes, so enjoy.

Is this really possible? Yes. Is it likely? Maybe. Is it easy? No. My course, the minimal, our work crews and its other copycats really gloss over the details of the multiple skillsets and the look.

One must have to really accomplish this. It's really a motivational speech. A pat on the ass saying, get out there champ and don't disappoint us. No pressure. The people that are selling you these books and tickets to have to listen to their speeches have their passive income, motivational material and new monthly methods and shortcuts, but the most important thing they have is people like us buying from them. It's not all junk. It's not all junk. It just glazes over the real work and the commitment to such as in Denver they sell this the sexy dream and the hard work is just posed to be given. It can be a bit of a wake up call for some, the minimal hour workweek is a bit of a misnomer and leads one to believe that if you just set it up right, it will never change and just chug along.

Nothing ever changes right there. Never any problem. Ah, fuck me. Stop wishing goals. Learning how to focus using your time well and knowing how and when to delegate work to other people is extremely powerful. We all have to remember that each individual's situation is different. It all depends on who you are, what you want to do, and what does this product or service that you're coming up with. There is not a one size fit all solution here. These are really only the first handful of skills to complete that dream, but it is a great start to creating something that might just change your life.

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